About Us


About Smallville Learning Center

Smallville Learning Center uses the latest in technology to ensure the safety of your child!

  • Passcodes unique to each parent to access the caregiving area
  • Emergency exits in every classroom with no outside access
  • Security cameras monitor classrooms and playgrounds

We encourage our parents to stop by at any time to view our monitoring system or to make a visit to their child’s classroom.

In addition to these safeguards, Smallville boasts several other amenities for the convenience of your family:

  • Restrooms and water fountains in every classroom
  • Handicapped accessible restrooms in main hallway
  • Three fenced playground areas
  • Large rooms and hallways

Smallville Learning Center strictly adheres to all state guidelines pertaining to child care.

To view these guidelines please visit our center or read them at www.dfps.state.tx.us.